Companion Animal Care

Boarding Admission Sheet


Boarding Policies


Vaccinations:  All dogs MUST be current on DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella.  All cats MUST be current on FVRCP, Bordetella, and RabiesIF RECORDS ARE NOT PRODUCED SHOWING CURRENT VACCINATIONS THEY WILL BE ADMINISTERED AT OWNERS EXPENSE.  X__________


Flea & Tick Prevention: IF FLEAS OR TICKS ARE FOUND A DOSE OF CAPSTAR IS ADMINISTERED TO YOUR PET AT OWNERS EXPENSE. A Fee of $________ will be applied to your bill, and due upon pick up. X__________


Special care: If your pet requires medication administration while boarding there is a daily charge of $5.51.


Personal Items: You are more than welcome to bring your pets own personal items (beds, toys, etc.).  They MUST be clearly marked with permanent marker.  We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost, stolen, or destroyed personal items.  X__________


Please list all personal items, and a brief description:  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________      EMPLOYEE q______________


Name of Pet(s) (1)_____________________________ (2)____________________________   (3)_________________________

Diet                       ______________________________     _____________________________      _________________________

Medication          ______________________________     _____________________________      _________________________


Owner’s Name_________________________________  Owner’s Number___________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name and Number_____________________________________________________________________


Check-in Date______________________________________  Check-out Date_______________________________________


All charges incurred are payable upon pick up of your pet.

If your pet becomes ill or injured during their stay, Companion Animal Care has sole discretion in providing veterinary care.  All expenses incurred are the responsibility of the owner in entirety.


X_________________________________Owner _______________________Date




Please do the following:

Bath  q

Toe Nail Trim  q

Check ears q  skin q  limping q  eyes q  otherq_____________________________________________________

Vaccines q________________________________________________________________________________________

Veterinarian Careq________________________________________________________________________________




Companion Animal Care Staff:

Check inq___________Weight _______________  Written on Board q_____________

Bath q_______  TNT  q _________ Other______________________________________

Personal items accounted forq_____________  Check out q____________________

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