Clinic Policies

No Show for Grooming/ Boarding – $10.00 – $30.00

Changes to or cancellation of grooming/boarding appointment/reservations may be made up to day of appointment/reservation without any fee. If an appointment/reservation is made and not kept without the owner informing us there will be a no show fee of $10 per pet for grooming and $30 per pet for boarding. This is not negotiable.

Late Pick-Up Fee – $30.00

If you are late picking up a pet (after 5:30pm M-F, or 12 noon Sat), there will be a $30 late pick-up fee. This covers employees’ time to assist you and to readjust the end of the day reports and deposits.

Employees will NOT schedule late pick-ups. If you are not able to be here before our employees leave, your pet will have to stay the night and you will be charged for boarding. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you, but unfortunately some clients are not respecting our clinic hours.

Prescription Fee – $10.00

There will be a $10 fee for prescriptions not picked up within 10 days of it being ordered.  This is to cover the time and materials:

  • used to fill the prescription
  • charting it in the computer and patient file
  • reminder calls to pick up the prescription
  • restocking the prescription
  • updating chart that the prescription was not picked up



I have read and understand the policies of Companion Animal Care. I will be responsible for any fees that deem necessary. These are NOT negotiable.


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