boardingWe have separate dogs, cats, and exotics facilities to provide your pet with a comfortable stay while you are away, or when you need someone to care for your pet. We will feed any specialized or prescriptive diets that may be required, as well as medicate any animals as needed. We have a private room with condos for cats, and a covered fenced-protected area for exercising dogs.

We love keeping your exotics, too – birds, reptiles, snakes, rodents (gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, hedge hogs, etc),  rabbits, sugar gliders, ferrets, etc.

You will have the added benefit of knowing that if your animal experiences any illness while you’re away, it will be promptly and competently addressed by one of our clinicians. For a tour of our boarding facilities, please feel free to call and schedule. To set up dates for boarding, please contact our office at (256) 837-3600.

Copies of our Boarding Admission Form, as well as our No Show Policy can be found below.


Boarding Admission Form

No Show Policy

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