Michelle Moyer

Animal Groomer

Education: San Juan College

Pets: 3 dachshunds, a miniature schnauzer, and 4 rescued cats

Michelle is one of, if not the best groomer in the whole Madison/Huntsville area.  She has twenty-five years’ grooming experience, having begun professionally in 1989.  She has a degree in Veterinary Technology from San Juan College, so she is well-qualified to care for your pet and its skin and coat.

Michelle, herself, has three dachshunds, a miniature schnauzer, and four rescued cats.  She says, “I have a true love for animals.”  And we assure you that she will handle your pet/s with the greatest of love, care, and gentleness, as she makes them look their very best

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys arrowhead hunting, fishing, and knitting.  But most of her extra time is spent with family.

We are very happy to have Michelle Moyer as part of our Companion Animal Care family!  Call today for a grooming appointment with Michelle!

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